Satirical Advertising 

Personal interpretation 

For my FMP I am going to be creating a series of images that will poke fun at large companies and corporations, the way in which I will do so is to garner quotes and interview consumers on how they feel about these large corporations which will in turn affect the end result of my products. I will pick the best quote and then use that to base the poster around. I think of it as a tongue and cheek way  of “exposing” these companies in a light hearted way. The reason for doing so is large corporations often seem as untouchable entities and I think this would be a fun way of doing so.

Although a fair few social media sites and companies have done a similar thing, for example the site did a series of images doing a play on words of company slogans; for my idea I am going to be altering company branding and logo’s as well as it being completely influenced by public opinion.

The type of brief I will use is a formal brief as this allows for both parties to negotiate the brief beforehand meaning that they will both be happy before anything gets signed, another positive to doing a formal brief is that there is no legal binding surrounding the brief meaning that one party cannot sue the other if thing where to go bad.


I have gained a lot of inspiration from the internet, mainly social media sites in which they will take jabs and companies in comedic ways, and other sites such as and which they twisted company slogans and made them funny and relatable.

Another inspiration was from a TV series by production company Aardman animations called “creature comforts” which is where they animated over real interviews of people, I liked the idea of creating a piece of art around an interview or something someone stated.

Another great source of inspiration was looking at protester and picket signs more specifically which where often very powerful and had catchy and well thought out slogans and illustrations. Thankfully in a previous unit we looked at protesting and picket signs so that will make utilising that aspect a lot easier.

Context of work 

In all honesty I believe the best context of my work would be the internet, due to the fact that all the other sources of inspiration have come from the internet and to great success, I don’t believe someone would buy the 10 poster I am creating because they wouldn’t be considered art as its more parody. This type of relatable humour would have better success on social media accounts or websites. Which will typically have a very broad target audience but the type of humour will reach out to young adults and teens of both genders as it will be more relatable to them due to the brands that I am covering such as Apple and Nike.

Intended software

The software Intend to use is Adobe Photoshop, I think the 10 images will be achievable as I have garnered a fair amount of experience using this software over he past two years. The format of posters is something I am quite familiar with as well due to me having to do a fair amount for other projects and units.


Due to a large portion of my project being doing on Adobe Photoshop I will not need to expend a lot of money on this project, I may have to take one of my own images for a few of the posters but as I already own a camera this will not be a problem. My intended budget is £60 which I will be using to cover the printing costs which can cost around £20-50.

The largest constraint for me is time, seeing as I will need to interview and survey a fair amount of people in order to get a reasonable amount of quotes will be difficult as I am covering 10 companies, in order to lighten the load I will also be using the internet to gain the quotes by looking at such things as reviews. I will need to get in touch with the people who made the reviews and comments and ask there permission to use them but that will depend if I can’t get the adequate quotes from people I will interview.

My idea 

Overall I am lukewarm on my idea mainly due to the fact that its a lighthearted project as opposed to trying to tackle something important, the reason for this is due to time constraints and how I hadn’t managed to come up with an idea quick enough so I had to  think I’m something in a relatively short time.

I hope I can keep the images consistent in terms of tone and humour and doing 10 images could result in a lack of enthusiasm.

Final Format 

The final format will be a series of a3 images. The images will be in portrait rotation as this is the typical format in which posters are presented in.


Facebook FMP poster attempt 1

Facebook Poster

This is my first attempt at creating a poster for Facebook, I quite like this design of using the logo in order to create an image, in order to get the effect all I had to do was turn the F on its side and use the pen tool to create something that resembled a trigger.

The word social warriors comes from people “trolling”other people on social media and Facebook being the most popular social media platform I thought this would be the most appropriate.

I was unable to find the font Facebook uses for there logo’s so I just tried to find a font that I felt most suited the poster.

Starbucks FMP poster Attempt 1

Starbucks poster

This is the first attempt at creating a poster for Starbucks poster for my FMP, I used a quote and incorporated it into the poster, “Why pay tax, we don’t” which refers to the company avoiding tax. Instead of just putting it in the poster I decided to do a play on words with the company logo and title, the “more bucks” obviously refers to the company having more money due to the fact that it avoids taxes.

The hardest part creating this posters was getting the curved layout of the font, as it was quite difficult to get it to fit within the circle, I still think it could use some work but I feel this is a god first step.

The poster feels a little empty, to fill space I may include the quote to match up with the image.



Mcdonalds FMP poster attempt One

Mcdonalds poster

This is my first attempt at creating a poster for McDonalds. The quote I got from someone was that you don’t know what your going to get from McDonalds and how the food can sometimes be cold. So I tried to find the most unappealing looking burger from McDonalds to try and represent it and then added the quote at the bottom of the poster. I’m not to keen on the colour scheme of the poster as I wanted to replicate the colour scheme that they use.

I found the McDonalds logo but altered it by duplicating the layer and creating a shadow behind, this also served as a way to make sure the logo didn’t with the yellow background.

Apple Poster first attempt

Apple poster

This is my first attempt at creating a poster for the Apple brand. The idea came from someone I interviewed in which he said how Apple phones battery dies really quickly so I took the slogan “think different’ they use and faded it out slightly to give it the impression of dying, then found the image the iPhone gives when it dies. overall I like the simplistic design, I think for future iterations I may add the actual quote to the poster.

The law regarding Parody

UK Copyright Law, implementing the EU Copyright Directive, provides an exception to copyright ‘for the purposes of caricature, parody or pastiche’. This means that in principle it is possible to create parodies that re-use works protected by copyright without having to obtain permission from the rightsholders. However, it is important to note that the use of copyright works for parody purposes is only allowed insofar as it can be considered ‘fair dealing’. How much copying from a work is fair or unfair is an issue ultimately decided by a court of law taking into account the interests and rights of the copyright owner as well as the freedom of expression of the person relying upon the parody exception. In making this decision, a court will typically take a number of different factors into account, such as the amount of the work that has been copied.

UK Copyright Law also gives creators moral rights, such as the right not to have their work subjected to ‘derogatory treatment’ (often referred to as the right of integrity). Therefore, if humorous or satirical use of a copyright work amounts to ‘derogatory treatment’ as defined by law, rightsholders may still take legal action against the parodist.
There are four broad principles to consider with respect to copyright and parody:

1. Permission should be sought when possible

2. Consider the substance of work copied

3. Commercial harm

4. The importance of freedom of expression






Erikson. K. (2016). Parody & Pastiche. Available: Last accessed 27th April 2016.

FMP Pitch

  • Satirical Advertisements (changing the way we look at advertisements)
  • I will be surveying and interviewing people of various ages on particular brands (10 to be exact)
  • I will design the posters around the quotes in which I will be given on photoshop
  • Also create typography images using the direct quotes
  • Depending on the quotes the posters may either be either negative or positive
  • The original idea was to parody companies advertisements and slogans but through research I found that this idea had already been done
  • creating a minimum of 10 images
  • The longest and hardest part of the project will actually be collecting the various quotes from people
  • Gallery
  • The images will be printed in A3 form
  • Formal Brief