Satirical Branding

One idea I had was to create something that parodied branding and how consumers buy products just for the branding. My idea would be to emulate previous advertisements for products such as Nike shoes or Apple Products but to parody them. The images would be satire on branding.

For example:



Not only parodying the logo’s and branding I could also parody the products for example McDonalds advertisements always make there food products look much more appealing than they actually are, My idea would be to take the actual burger and place it within the advertisement as a reflection on modern day advertising. Another take would be to illustrate the fact that advertisers rely on scantily clad women in order to garner attention, I could flip this on its side and use an unattractive male.

Because advertising is something we experience in our every day lives I feel its important to talk about the subject and bring to light some of the problems that modern day advertising is creating.



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