FMP – Researching an idea

One great source that I could use for my research regarding the satirical advertising is the internet as well as creating surveys. The reason for this is that I would be creating satirical but truthful advertisements on large companies as a way of speaking about the advertising industry as a whole, in order to understand what people really think about these companies I would need to ask the general public, as well as social networking accounts of the companies.

I could use these direct quotes from people and incorporate them into my images for example utilising the typography technique and using the quotes to make up the logo of the company.

Research could involve looking tutorials on how to create typography images in photoshop, because there are various ways and techniques on how to get the desired effect, I would obviously want to chose the technique that came out with the best final result. I could also look at other typography images from the internet, not only to garner inspiration but to also see how these artists laid out the wording and images.

For primary research I could conduct vox pop interviews and surveys and ask what people feel about certain large companies such as McDonalds and Apple. Secondary research could be done by looking at various forum posts and quotes made by people on the internet such as reviews and other such things. Not only could I ask what other people feel about these large companies but I could also inject some of my own thoughts and opinions into the piece.


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