Typography Inspiration


This image is the basis of my inspiration as I’m looking to incorporate typography into branding and logo’s. The only difference is my images will incorporate direct quotes to make up the image. I like this image because not only is the wording placed neatly in the image but it also uses different font sizes to mix it up and give the image a more layered look to it in. I also like how ever word is readable in the image.



Unlike the Apple image, although the viewer can understand what the image is. The writing is almost unintelligible in some parts due to it being cut off. Although its clear that the actual words of the image is not crucial to the image.





This image is fairly different from the other as it incorporates different fonts and different sizes in which give image a rugged messy look. But due to the fact that my images the viewer would have to see the wording so this type of typography would not be appropriate.



I enjoy this version of typography due to the fact that it incorporate different colours to make up the image as well as there is a clear message in this image as they are saying “we speak your language” and the other wording in foreign languages indicate that Starbucks is for everyone from any different country.



This is a portrait typography, usually because the face requires a lot of detail, this type of image would require a lot of wording to make up that detail as you can see in the top image, which in turn makes the wording hard to read.



I would struggle to call the image a complete typography because the outline does not include wording and the actual wording is just jumbled lettering, this is not the type of typography I wish to do.










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