Working To A Brief – Part 2

Why is it important to discuss the brief with your client prior to production? 

It is important for both the designer and the client to discuss the elements of the brief because both parties need to have a deep understanding of what the product needs to be. It is also important if the media company has any questions regarding the project, because if they where to begin the project and a certain element was not right or well suited for the client then it would result in a longer work time. Discussing the brief allows both parties to essentially get on the same page.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of employing discretion with a brief? 

employing discretion within the brief is fairly important to the process but they come with both advantages and disadvantages. There is multiple advantages to employing discretion within a brief as it allowed for personal interpretation of the more vague details which would allow for some creative freedom. This is also beneficial to the client as it allows them to rely on the producer a little more and not have to worry about every single little detail.

The disadvantage to this is that the producer could have a different interpretation to to what the client has which could result in the finished product not being what the client wants, or in a worse case scenario could result in the producers/media company leaving the project entirely.

Are there any potential legal/ethical/regulatory issues with the briefs proposed product

Legal issues

There could be some issues surrounding the brief and the final product, mainly copyright which could occur if somebody else’s work is was used in the final product with the consent or permission from the person who created the product. If this where to arise then the rightful owner of the work could then sue the client or company for breach of copyright. The client or company could get around this issue by getting permission from the rightful owner or compensating him/her for using their idea.  Therefore it is important to discuss all the potential legal issues that could arise with the client before beginning production of the product. For example my product will consist entirely of well known brands such as Apple and McDonalds I could get sued by these companies If I where to use them without there express permission.


Because I would be using direct quotes from people of the public and internet the quotes could be subject to bad language or inappropriate comments so I would therefore have to make sure that the images that I am going to create would not be placed or seen where children of a particular age can find it, as it could encourage them to use bad language or inappropriate comments.


The product

The product will be a series of images the consist of popular brands but I will use a photoshop technique called typography and I will use quotes from members of the public and off internet sites about how they really feel about the product, In doing so i hope to contrast the the positive effects of the companies logo with the negative – or positive – feelings from the general public.

The budget

Due to all my work being done on photoshop (software I already own) I would not have to spend any money on that. But due to the fact that we are showing our work at an exhibition it means that I’m going to have to print it off my images using an printing company. Through my research I found that a majority of printing companies will charge from £20-£50 for A3 size. So My budget will be £60 which will leave me with a bit more money afterwards in case anything where to go wrong.

The conditions

The conditions for my product is that it must be done within the budget constraints and the final images must be made before the 20th of May because this will allow time for the images to be printed. Another condition is that it must be a minimum of 10 images.

Legal Issues 

The legal issues could arise because I would be using trademarked images and logo’s so copyright is something that I will have to look out for, but I am hoping that due to me altering the images and adding my own twist will hopefully cover “fair use”



Gregory.C. (2013). What are the advantages and disadvantages of employing discretion with a brief. Available: Last accessed 21/04/16.


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