FMP Brief

Project title: Satirical Advertising

Project overview:

For this project I will be creating a series of images that will hope to expose the way we look at advertisements and branding, I am hoping to contrast the happy and positive images that large corporations try to achieve with there advertisements and flip it on it’s head by using what audiences and consumers really feel about the products and brands. I will be covering a variety of different companies and am looking to either create posters based around what consumers say as well as some typography images to incorporate the quotes into the actual images.

In order to get these quotes and find out what consumers really feel about these products and brands I will need to go out and ask them whether it be through a public survey of vox pop interviews. Due to the fact that I can’t control public opinion it means that the finished product could go either way meaning that a company I may have felt negative towards may have a positive following therefore I would have to base it around that positive influence. I will need to create a minimum of 10 images and must ask a minimum of 20 people about these companies.

Deliverables needed: 

Due to almost all my work being down on software I will not require too much in the way of physical items. Photoshop is the software I will be using in order to create my posters and images. For the interviews I will need to have either a recorder or a notepad and pen in order to gather all the information.

For my surveys I could use online sites such as ‘’ which allows you to share your survey online without having to go out and talk to people directly.


My audience is essentially the consumers of the products and those who are loyal to brands. In order to find those who are loyal to brands as well as there age and other such things I will need to create a survey asking these questions, once I know the general age and types of brands consumers are loyal to then I can begin designing the images around those results.


Although the work won’t have a strong underlining message I hope audiences will pay attention to the critical reception the brands and companies are receiving whether it be good or bad. I’m not trying to publicly shame these companies I just want to create a strong neutral approach to them which could maybe shed some light on some of the negative aspects of these large corporations.


I hope to keep the tone light-hearted, although the genre of the work won’t be entirely comedy, there could be some images that have some comedic aspects. I will try to keep the tone consistent throughout the 10 images.

Budget and schedule: 

Because are large majority of the work is being done on photoshop (which is software I already own) I will not need to spend any expenses in actually creating the 10 images. Although I will still need to print off the images at an A3 size. Printing images can cost around £20-£40 so I will have a budget of around £50 in order to cover the expenses of the printing and leaving a little something left over in case I do need to spend extra money for whatever reason.

Once the initial pitch is done I will then begin creating the 10 images. I have until the 20th of May to finish the 10 images due to it having to go off to the printers. Which will give me just under 3 weeks to complete all 10 images. Once that is done then I can begin to finish up blog work until the 3rd of June.



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