Branding Survey Answers


(Note: The answers in bold was for the first draft of questions I created, the rest was for the revised set of questions)

  1. The phones are shit but the macs are good. Don’t understand why a £600 phone dies at 40%.
  2. They have a chavy image now. They’ve gone backwards.
  3. If its the only option. I prefer pepsi.
  4. Never know what to expect. Cold food. Looks nothing like the adverts
  5. Too much irrelevant information. Everyone’s high and mighty.
  6. left behind by other social media.
  7. So 2009. Prefer VANS
  8. Cheap Warehouse.
  9. Overpriced shit. Hipster haven
  10. Pretty sick. Delivery prices are shit. Can get everything on there.


  1. There good quality but overpriced.
  2. Yeah there okay, I personally don’t buy there stuff anymore
  3. nah too much sugar.
  4. yeah I buy it when I’m hungry
  5. I don’t use that brand.
  6. Facebook was cool before my mum and dad made an account.
  7. Google’s amazing.
  8. It’s cool if you like horse meat.
  9. quite overpriced.
  10. I’m not really a Adidas guy.


  1. I love Apple, just wish everything wasn’t so expensive.
  2. decent quality, I buy from them every now and then.
  3. Im a coca-cola person, drinking it like its water.
  4. Pretty much all I eat now.
  5. Their hair products are pretty good, I feel bad cause of the whole animal testing stuff.
  6. Probably couldn’t live without it.
  7. You can pretty much find out anything about everything instantly
  8. Decent.
  9. I live off Starbucks.
  10. Don’t really wear there stuff.


  1. Stuff overpriced to shit.
  2. Yeah they make decent clothes and shoes.
  3. I like it, even though its terrible for me.
  4. As much as i slag the place off it doesn’t stop me going back
  5. Id prefer them testing on animals than on me
  6. Its the worst tool at my disposal, It should be called StalkerBook.
  7. Id be an idiot without it.
  8. The layout looks like a car auction.
  9. The coffee is good but not good enough to justify the price tag.
  10. Yeezy Yeezy just jumped over jump man.


  1. Extremely expensive, especially phone chargers and earphones.
  2. Don’t wear the products
  3. I don’t drink it anymore – it’s not good for you
  4. I don’t have it too regularly
  5. Although they test on animals, I still buy their products
  6. It can be useful in some cases, for example, reuniting with old friends, but it can also be dangerous for younger people
  7.  It’s changed the internet
  8. It’s reasonably priced
  9. Starbucks is overrated
  10. Adidas has gone downhill – the prices are low because no one shops there


  1. expensive products but very popular products
  2. Don’t wear their products
  3. I drink it a lot but know its not the best for you
  4. cheap fast food and very accessible
  5. animals testers so don’t use their products
  6. I use it too much
  7. most used website as most people use it daily and its very helpful
  8. Not got a local one so I don’t really shop there
  9. Good coffee
  10. Don’t wear their products


  1. Not a massive fan, only use apple products in college, but I have an iPhone (i hate it)
  2. Never bought any Nike, not my style
  3. Trying to cut down on it….
  4. Don’t eat it as much as I used to, don’t miss it
  5. I use the heat protection spray when I straighten my hair?
  6. Use it to back up all my photos, not much else really
  7. Can’t live without
  8. I don’t shop there as much since I work in sainburys and I feel like I betray the losers.
  9. Crap
  10. I used to wear it as a kid… I think


  1. I always buy the latest gadgets
  2. Haven’t bought anything from them in a while, going downhill slightly
  3. Although I still drink it occasionally, I am cutting down
  4. It’s easy accessible and fairly cheap
  5. Variety of products – hair, makeup, etc, good quality products
  6. Although it’s still popular, there are better social media sites
  7. Couldn’t live without it
  8. Regularly has good deals, pretty reasonable price and good quality
  9. Incredibly overrated and overpriced
  10. If I needed something sports related, I would shop here, however I would never step foot into an Adidas store


  1. Theres something about apple that lures me in every time not matter the price
  2. Nike used to be my first choice of football boots but now their prices have rocketed while the quality stays the same.
  3. Coke is defiantly not my first choice just down to the taste.
  4. You get what you pay for.
  5. I don’t really pay attention to what goes in my hair really
  6. Facebook is used everyday by everybody and theres a reason why, its easy to use and stay in contact.
  7. Try find someone who doesn’t use Google.
  8. Why is it so cheap?
  9. Great place to write a book
  10. A load of shit



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