Before the start of the FMP I was initially excited to do a project that was fully my own idea. Once initial research begun I really struggled to come up with idea to do for my FMP, previous idea included creating images with an 80’s retro aesthetic, another was making fun of packaging, one of creating a website for amateur filmmakers to share their projects with one another.

After A couple of weeks I was still unable to come up with a conclusive idea for my project, at this time everyone had already begun researching their ideas and I still had nothing. After talking with Cathy she gave me the idea of satirical advertising which would involve parodying popular brands such as Apple and Mcdonalds. To add my own spin on to it I thought I would ask the general population what they thought of these products and use those quotes to create a typography image of the logo made up of the quotes.

From the get go I wasn’t thrilled about the idea because I felt everyone was creating ideas that meant something to them and I was doing my idea because I was unable to come up with anything in time.  The inspiration for the typography image came from when I was googling images of well known brands and came across a typography image of the apple logo, the quotes inside where words that where associated with the company. I thought It would be a good idea to use this idea but to get quotes and see what the general public really feel about the company and use that.

I begun initial research into looking on how I could easily and effectively create a typography image on Adobe Photoshop, I found a couple of tutorials online and would have used them as the base to create my images. Once I had done this I began to select brands; the brands I had chosen was Mcdonalds, Apple, Starbucks, Nike, Facebook, Twitter, Tesco, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Twitter and Converse. I chose these because I thought these was the most popular and would best get a reaction out of people which would in turn result in better quotes for the final pieces.

I settled on creating a minimum of 10 images which is what I wrote in the brief, once it came time to pitch my idea to Dan and Cathy they suggested that not only could I create typographic images but also make posters based around the quotes in which  I would gather. The inspiration for this came from an animation titled “Creature Comforts” which would create animations around interviews with random people.

I thought that creating a couple of typographic images and posters wouldn’t be consistent as they are two different things so I thought it would be more interesting to create a series of posters as opposed to typographic images. As it would allow me to try different techniques in photoshop.

After this began one of the hardest parts which was creating the surveys in order to get my quotes, the initial survey asked people for various details such age age and if they felt loyal to a particular brand if so why? this was to get a better understanding of my audience and who I was trying to reach. The second survey was where I was asking people to state there opinions on the 10 different brands. This initially proved difficult because I found that people would write short answers that didn’t really help me, so I thought I would change the tactic and ask people face to face, hoping that they would be more vocal and give me better quotes, although some was able to give me decent quotes it was nowhere near enough. Due to time constraints I was unable to keeping surveying people because I had to begin production. In order to fix this problem I begun research controversial companies that I knew would entice an emotional response out of people as well as being able to interject my own feelings into the project. So I decided to change 3 of the initial brands from Twitter, Amazon and Converse to Adidas, Google and L’oreal. Once I began researching the controversies around these companies I was essentially able to create better posters.

One of the biggest concerns regarding this piece of work was the copyright aspect of it, because I was using company logo’s. To combat this I emailed all the companies that I was parodying. Some was perfectly happy for me to use the logo’s as long as it was not for commercial use (which it wasn’t). Others that wasn’t such as Starbucks I had to manipulate the logo’s enough to make them my own. Some companies never got back to me so I just had to continue the work due to an oncoming deadline.

Creating the posters was the most enjoyable part, as I was essentially describing the quotes in minimalist posters. The initial posters started off quite lighthearted such as the Apple and Mcdonalds ones, but as time went on and the more controversial the company was, the more serious the posters became and I started to see them more as protest placards than satirical posters. For example the Nike poster talked about child labour, the google one talked about internet surveillance and the L’oreal one spoke about animal testing. Although I found this part to be the most enjoyable I wasn’t completely happy with all the pieces of work as I felt that I rushed a large portion of them due to the upcoming deadline.

Overall although Im glad I was able to finish the project in time, I wasn’t happy with the project, I feel this is due to the fact that I didn’t have a solid idea of what I was going to do from the start of the project, which put be behind everyone else. I felt as if I was rushing the whole project which would have meant the work suffered for it. I felt that the work wasn’t necessarily FMP worthy but I felt I worked the hardest with the tools I had at my disposal. If I was to change anything I would have managed my time more appropriately and would have done more initial research as to have a better understanding of what I wanted to do. I am just pleased that I was able to complete the work.