Google Poster attempt 1

Google poster




This is an attempt at creating a poster for google, the idea behind this poster was that there was controversy surrounding google that they was reading their users’ emails for advertising purposes. To do this I tried to create an image that made it look like the Gmail logo of the envelope was opened as in someone had read the contents. To get this image I essentially copied the envelop, flipped it upside down and erased a large portion of it to make it look like an open flap.

The slogan is a play on words of the original “you’ve got mail” the new slogan is basically saying that your email essential belongs to google. I tried my best to emulate the same font of google’s logo, I believe it works quite well overall.

Loreal Poster


This is my first attempt at creating a poster for Loreal, the main reason for choosing this company is that many talked about the controversy surrounding the animal testing and the fact that they used to test there products on animals.

Sticking with the simplistic approach I decided to just photoshop make-up products onto the paws of a rabbit, almost like it’s offering the products to the viewer asking if the animal testing was worth it?.

The slogan is a play on words of the Loreal slogan ” you’re worth it”. I changed it to “was it worth it” because although the company no longer partakes in animal testing – they used to, so the poster is saying was hurting those animals for profit/

Nike poster attempt 2 + 3

Nike Poster 2

Nike Poster 2.5

These are more interactions of the Nike poster, I decided to switch the white and the black because I felt this was more in line with the posters Nike has put out, the second poster I decided to do a play on words with the “just do it” slogan but I felt that saying “don’t do it” comes across more as a protest poster whereas these posters are supposed to be more lighthearted.

Nike Poster Attempt 1

Nike Poster

This is my first attempt at creating a poster for Nike, I decided that I wanted to incorporate the Nike “tick” into the poster and I thought the best way to do this was to create a check list of sorts. The questions on the poster where things that people had stated about the company, whether it would have been said through my survey or doing a little research online.

the poster keeps within the minimalist approach that I have been trying to approach with these posters, although I do feel that there may be a little too much white space on this iteration of the poster. One other thing I am worried about is using the companies log, due to time constraints I am unable to get a hold of the company but hopefully due to the fact that I will not be making money off these pieces I hope that I should be covered.